Commercial Construction Contractor in Farmington Hills, MI

Experience, technology, and quality staff are paramount when choosing a commercial construction contractor. The completed project must be safe, aesthetically pleasing, and meet city or state building codes.

Commercial Construction

Merlo has been a go-to choice for commercial construction for over 25 years. Our team originally specialized in commercial concrete projects but has expanded to include excavating foundations, and utilities.

Types of construction projects

Concrete flatwork services range from all kinds of slabs to parking lots. Merlo can perform excavation from demolition to land balancing. Our team handles underground utility projects such as storm drains and emergency repairs. The contractors do strong foundation work from piers and columns to trench footings. Whatever your construction project requires, Merlo can accomplish it promptly and within budget.

Commercial Construction Contractor

We use state-of-the-art equipment

In order to meet strict deadlines, Merlo uses innovative equipment to plan and complete construction projects. Robots calculate exactly how concrete foundations will be built, meeting high standards in the industry.

GPS systems and three-dimensional models make excavation and earthwork precise, quick, and balanced. Merlo concrete workers use laser screeds and trowels to create excellent concrete flatwork. The combination of equipment and experience helps Merlo get every detail of a project just right.

We are MDOT qualified

Merlo’s team is highly qualified and will ease any worries about meeting city or state codes. In fact, we are Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) prequalified, making us the perfect option in Michigan and nearby states. We are also well-versed in the requirements of other counties and cities. Many of our contractors are American Concrete Institute (ACI) certified concrete finishers. For critical projects, choose the team that is both formally licensed and highly experienced.

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