With a large fleet of excavating and earthwork equipment along with a team of talented operators, Merlo Construction is able to complete large scale earthwork projects on schedule. With digital takeoff and modeling software, Merlo is able to build 3D site models that work with the GPS systems in the equipment to quickly and accurately cut and fill a site. This technology also allows for grade adjustments to achieve a balanced site which saves both time on the schedule and money in the budget.

• Demolition
• Clearing and Grubbing
• Erosion Control
• Mass Grading and Hauling
• Fine Grading
• Land Balancing
• Trenching
• Concrete Removal
• Asphalt Removal
• Subbase and Aggregate Placement
• Detention and Retention Ponds
• Foundation Excavation and Backfill
• MDOT Prequalified

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