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Construction services are a crucial part of expansion in many commercial sectors. When looking for a contractor, most businesses prioritize reliability, quality, safety, and cost – it’s important that an excavation and grading contractor fulfills these criteria.

At Merlo Construction, we offer excavation services and grading as part of a package deal or separately, depending on the needs of the customer. Excavation and grading are crucial parts of the preparation process for construction work, forming the basis for foundations and structural development. Professional work, at this stage, can help prevent problems further down the line.

Grading Contractor

Safe and Reliable Excavation

Excavation is the process whereby workers use machinery to remove obstacles and shape the terrain of a plot, in order to lay the groundwork for the next phases of construction. It includes the removal of stumps and boulders, as well as any debris, which might prevent the project from continuing.

By digging holes and building dirt piles, the excavation contractor should roughly carve out the plot to meet the needs of the next stage of construction.

At Merlo Construction, we pride ourselves on reliable excavation, removing unwanted materials from the site. Our team also prioritizes safety, with trained staff that has an excellent safety record excavating plots and transporting materials to and from the site.

Commercial Grading Contractor Services

Commercial Grading Contractor Services

Once excavation is complete, it is typically necessary to grade a plot. When the site is clear of debris, and the land is roughly the correct shape, grading uses a heavy spade-like feature to smooth the surface of the ground, leaving a firm, even layer of top soil.

The aim of grading is to create even, clear ground for the next phase of construction. Merlo Construction has experience in commercial contracting work and understands the requirements of grading – as a result, our team can perform grading work to a high standard, on time and on budget.

At Merlo Construction we can help you complete your project on time and budget using our proprietary workflow systems and efficient production methods. Call today for an estimate.


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