Foundation Concrete Contractors in Farmington Hills, MI

Foundation Concrete

Leading the foundation concrete contractors industry, Merlo Construction provides a variety of concrete foundation services.

These services can range from formed foundations to industrial pits, and much more. With a proven track record of handling each job with unparalleled attention and care, you can rely on us. Our concrete foundation services will meet the specifications of your unique commercial concrete project. We pride ourselves on quality execution of job specifications. That’s why Merlo Construction is the best choice for your concrete foundation project.

We understand your needs

Let us save you time and money by completing your project with our diverse range of in-house services. Our wide range of services means you don’t have to worry about coordinating with numerous companies for your project needs.

From excavation to backfills, we can complete your whole concrete foundation undertaking.

Rely on our expertise

As a company, Merlo Construction has a solid 25-year history of timely, on-budget, project completion. Excellence is achieved through Merlo’s use of quality equipment, excellent customer service, and extensive concrete foundation experience. We have invested in optimum equipment and technology to maximize efficiency and precision. We use cutting-edge robotic total stations and a strong crew of concrete foundation experts so that we can meet the specifications of even the most technical jobs.

Start strong, end strong

Foundation Concrete Contractors

Starting as a small business, we built our reputation on customer satisfaction and quality performance. Our staff put people first. We pride ourselves on quality service, from the first day of the job to the last. That is how we have grown to be a leader in the industry for Michigan and the surrounding area.

Get started on your project today

Have a commercial concrete foundation project on the horizon? We want to help you with your next construction project in Michigan or one of the surrounding states. Contact us today.


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