Selecting Support Systems for Deep Excavations

If your project involves electing significant digging, then you need to consider a specialist in the area. You need a proven excavation equipment company MI

Deep excavations must be made carefully, or like the proverbial house of cards, they will simply collapse into themselves. This requires a company not only with excavating expertise but also several excavating and earth-moving machines

Many companies first work with a GPS system and software that allows them to create a three-dimensional model of the excavation project.

Using this model talented operators are able to apply advanced concrete construction to do things like grade adjustments that result in a stable, attractive project that is completed on time and within budget.

Mass & Fine Grading Contractors

There is a lot more to excavation than simply sticking a scoop into the ground. Excavation projects involve any or all of the following processes. Each requires skill, knowledge and specialized equipment:

• Demolition

If you have an existing structure on the site where you want to excavate, this will need to be torn down. It makes sense to hire a company that can do the entire job from demolition and excavation to construction. A comprehensive service business can provide seamless service from teardown and disposal of existing materials to rebuilding.

Companies with demolition experience know how to dispose of waste within the safe and legal practices of the municipality.

• Clearing and Grubbing

Your site may have shrubs and trees that will impede new construction. A comprehensive excavating company will also be able to remove such obstacle as trees, stumps, shrubs, and litter that may have been part of the old building.

• Erosion Control

While construction is occurring, erosion and sediment control is a concern. Competent excavation and construction companies know what measures to take to reduce movement of sediment during construction. They implement both land management strategies and man-made structures to reduce erosion.

• Mass Grading and Hauling

Without mass grading your construction site would not be prepared. During mass grading, the soil is moved to create a base foundation for your structure. This step is crucial to having a solid base. Without it, your structure will not stand the test of climate and time.

• Fine Grading

There is an art to fine grading construction. The site is leveled. Lines are uniform. It is an important step in the construction process that involves specialized earthwork machines.


• Trenching

Trenches are excavations that are deeper than they are wide. Special equipment is used. Cared muse be taken to avoid cave-ins and crumbling soil. The trenches are often used to create the infrastructure for buildings.

• Concrete and Asphalt Removal

Part of the demolition of an existing structure is the removal of any concrete that existed on site. This includes old walls, foundations, and asphalt. Special machines are needed to break up and haul away these materials.

• Subbase and Aggregate Placement

Coarse and fine aggregate is used to form a solid base for the construction. Good drainage and a solid foundation that lasts are dependent upon this step.

• Detention and Retention Ponds

Stormwater retention ponds minimize the erosion and flooding of impervious surfaces like pavement and buildings. These increase the volume of surface runoff as rain does not have a chance to sink into the soil. Retention ponds reduce the potential flooding and water quality problems.