Steel Reinforced Concrete Construction in Farmington Hills, MI

Concrete is one of the most common and practical building materials in use today – however, it’s only thanks to innovations like steel reinforced concrete construction that the material is so ubiquitous. Concrete alone can struggle to withstand the forces of wind, earthquakes, and vibrations. However, steel reinforcement provides tensile strength, which excellently complements the compressive strength of concrete.

Steel reinforced concrete is a suitable material for foundations, columns, slabs, walls, beams and more. It has enabled much of the variety in modern urban architecture that millions encounter every day.

Concrete Construction

High-Quality Steel Reinforced Concrete

Concrete is one of the most reliable, risk-free options for commercial application. At Merlo Construction, we understand business requirements for safe and high-quality delivery on contracted work.

We use graded steel with excellent properties that make it ideally suited for reinforcing concrete. Our steel reinforced concrete should last for generations and can cope with the stresses of seasonal weather change and strong winds. For any specific requirements you have from your concrete, contact us, and we’ll do everything we can to deliver and meet all of your needs.

Steel Reinforced Concrete

Construction and Planning

Good planning is critical when embarking on any construction project; this is particularly pertinent when working with steel reinforced concrete. By planning well, you can keep budgets under control and ensure work is completed on time. Merlo Construction can help you to plan your project for the most efficient construction process – and even if something changes, we’ll be on hand to help, saving on costs and speeding work along.

When it comes to the construction phase, we are proud to provide our workers with a high standard of training that meets all government recommendations. This ensures a safe work environment, and it means we can guarantee a high-quality result.

We want to help you with your next construction project in Michigan or one of the surrounding states.


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