Storm Sewers: How Do They Work

We’ve all seen them before, but most likely never paid too much attention to them. When crossing the street in any city or town, storm sewers are discreetly placed under sidewalks. At times they are even in the middle of a crosswalk, but did you ever wonder how important storm sewers are when it comes to keeping your city safe and flood free? At Merlo Construction we speciliaze in commercial concrete work including storm sewer reconstruction services.

If you’re not quite sure why storm sewer reconstruction is such an important service to offer, here is how they work and why it is so important to modern sanitation and flood control.

storm sewer reconstruction services

The Basics of Storm Sewers

Storm sewers work much in the same way as your sink drain, but for an entire city. When a storm hits, water begins collecting and flowing down the streets. As it does this, it brings along with it trash, pollutants, leaves, twigs, and other objects. This polluted water drains through the storm sewer and flows through a system of underground pipes which lead to a nearby water reserve.

In a sense, we could say that storm sewers help cities remain clean during heavy storms, but what happens when a city doesn’t have any storm sewers, or the storm sewers need to be repaired?

The Importance of Storm Sewers

Storm sewers not only drain and filter out waste during periods of heavy rain, but they also prevent flooding. If a storm sewer ends up getting clogged, things can get complicated really fast. Several blocks can be affected by a clogged storm sewer and flooding can affect oncoming traffic. In severe cases, water can overflow into the nearby buildings and bring even more damage to residents and business owners.

What Can You Do?

The best line of defense is prevention, but even when all basic precautions are taken, accidents can still happen. At Merlo Construction we are MDOT prequalified contractors specializing in storm water retention systems. We are also fully qualified to repair underground utilities throughout the state of Michigan and many of the neighboring states.

If your storm sewers need an emergency repair, we can show up at a moment’s notice and fix the issue immediately. Whether a simple drain clog needs to be repaired or an in depth storm sewer reconstruction procedure has to be performed, we can take on the job.

Storm Sewers

When it comes to storm sewers we need to keep in mind that flooding isn’t the only issue that we should be concerned about. Water damage can also be irreversible and if the issue is left unattended for at least one day, there could be serious health risks for nearby residents. A buildup of pollutants can be a breeding ground for bacteria which can easily spread if the flooding is not contained in one general area.

If the event occurs during the summer months, mosquitoes and other insects can also show up, to the point where there could even be an infestation.

In certain cities where drainage systems are connected, one isolated issue can quickly become a widespread problem. In a nutshell, it’s important to attend to this issue as quickly as possible. At Merlo Construction we show up at a moment’s notice and get the job done immediately.

We understand that certain things just cannot be put on hold, and at Merlo Construction will ensure that you receive the best possible customer service